Watch: Daniel Bryan, The Miz nearly come to blows during live interview

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SmackDown general manager Daniel Bryan and intercontinental champion The Miz were both appearing on Talking Smack, a post-show interview series on the WWE Network, on Tuesday night, when things went from cordial to heated very quickly.

Bryan, who recently was forced to retire due to repeated concussions, criticized The Miz’s wrestling style, saying he fought like a “coward” and was “afraid to get hurt.” The IC champ took umbrage with the comments, calling out Bryan for failing to return to the ring.

Earlier this week another pair of WWE superstars had a heated disagreement away from the ring, as Chris Jericho reportedly got in an argument with Brock Lesnar over the controversial ending to his SummerSlam match against Randy Orton.

Lesnar has since been fined $500 for his actions during the match, which led to Randy Orton receiving 10 staples to close a head wound caused by the UFC star’s elbows.