EA executive says NCAA football video game will be back ‘one day’

It’s been three years since the last college football video game, but one EA executive sees the series coming back. 
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College football fans have been mourning the loss of EA’s NCAA Football for three years now, but there might be a reason for hope.

Speaking with IGN, EA chief competition officer Peter Moore said that while Ed O’Bannon’s lawsuit against the NCAA caused the franchise’s demise, he thinks the series will be revived. 

“It was a really sad day and we said, ‘We just can't do this anymore,’” Moore said. “And one day I know we'll be back.”

It’s unclear what a new college football series would look like, given the NCAA’s strict rules on the use of player likenesses. Perhaps EA could do something similar to the NBA 2K series, which struck deals with a handful of college teams.

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The last game in the series was NCAA Football 14, which came out in the fall of 2013. The games featured all your favorite college football players, like Texas A&M’s QB #2 and USC’s RB #5, who were definitely not based on actual people.

More than 29,000 former college athletes will receive an average of $1,200 as part of the anti-trust lawsuit filed against the NCAA. 

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