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Watch: Kid blocks Stephen Curry’s shot, earns trip to his camp

A player for the Filipino U-17 national team blocked Steph Curry’s potential game-winner. 

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It’s been over two months since Game 7 and Stephen Curry is still struggling to pick up big wins. 

Steph is currently touring Asia and played in a scrimmage against some teens in Taiwan on Tuesday. 

The game was going down to the wire and Curry had the ball in his hands for the final possession. It’s a scenario we’ve seen plenty of times before. Curry calmly brought the ball up the court, waited patiently for the right moment to take the shot and rose for a potential game-winner from the top of the key. 

But then the shot got blocked. 

The kid that blocked the shot is Gian Mamuyac, who plays for the Philippines' U-17 national team. The emcee of the event decided that wasn’t the right way to end the game, so he asked Curry if he wanted to re-do the last possession. 

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Mamuyac’s blocked earned him the MVP award, which comes with a bunch of free gear and a trip Curry’s basketball camp in the U.S.