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Curt Schilling announces run for senate and definitely won’t change his mind, no way

Vote for Curt Schilling in 2018. Or don’t. Please don’t. 

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He’s talked about the possibility before, but Curt Schilling finally came out on Tuesday and said he’s actually running for U.S. senate in 2018. Well, as long as his wife is cool with it. 

Schilling was on talk radio in Providence on Tuesday morning and the subject of his political ambitions came up. Curt didn’t pull any punches: he’s running. Wait, no, he has to talk to his family first. 

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Obviously the idea of Curt Schilling, a living, breathing Facebook meme, becoming one of the 100 most powerful people in Congress is patently absurd. But not too absurd that pollsters in Massachusetts won’t ask about his candidacy. 

Two polls from last month have Schilling’s support at 28% and 29%. He better hire a campaign manager and really hone his message, that’ll get those poll numbers up.