How Game 7 of the World Series could predict the presidential election

At the very least, this should help Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump decide which team to root for. 
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Could the winner of Game 7 of the World Series help predict which candidate will win the presidential election? Based on history, this appears to be the case. 

Ken Rudin, who hosts the podcast "Political Junkie," noticed an interesting trend: When the World Series is decided in seven games in a presidential election year, the league that wins correlates to the political party that wins the White House. 

Rudin found that when the American League wins Game 7 in an election year, the Republican nominee wins the White House. When the National League wins, the Democratic nominee wins. 

The 1912 World Series went to a Game 7, but it actually took eight games to crown the Red Sox champions. (One game ended in a tie.) Though the American League won the title, Democrat Woodrow Wilson won the White House. 

So Hillary Clinton should be rooting for the Cubs, and Donald Trump should be pulling for the Indians. We're not quite sure what Gary Johnson should do.