Kurt Rambis has a cup of coffee in his pocket for no apparent reason

What a weirdo.
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Knicks assistant coach Kurt Rambis doesn’t appear to be a huge fan of tables.

For some strange reason, despite the presence of a perfectly sturdy table right in front of him, Rambis decided to pocket a to-go cup of coffee in his fleece on Saturday morning. Now, I’ve run through the scenarios, and I can’t figure out why he felt the need to do this. It makes absolutely no sense. Let’s run through some of them.

Theory 1: Kurt is cold.

On the surface, this seems like the most logical reason (crazy, I know). Every coach at the table has a sweatshirt. Well, not only has Kurt left his hoodie unzipped, meaning he is not truly that cold, but if he wanted the warmth the coffee would bring his midsection then he would have zipped it up to bring it closer to him. Doesn’t work.

Theory 2: Kurt is stealing the coffee

Not likely—this is a team hotel, and by the looks of that cup, it’s clearly complimentary hotel coffee.

Theory 3: There is no room on the table

Also not going to work. There is room right next to his juice and his glass of water!

Theory 4: There isn’t coffee in the cup

What we want to believe, but why wouldn’t you just keep your trash on the table? There’s an empty glass and a ton of loose papers. No reason not to. Maybe a snack is in the cup? 

This photo makes me want to cringe. That coffee could spill at any second. Why would you do this, Kurt?