Yes, a man running away with 86 pounds of gold in a bucket is sports

It’s like a strongman competition with an inevitable jail sentence. 
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Surely on some rainy Saturday you’ve found yourself watching a marathon of the World’s Strongest Man on ESPN2 and seen enormous men carrying an enormous stone. Now imagine the same thing, but with a small man and a bucket full of gold. 

Police in New York are looking for a man who spotted a bucket of gold, $1.6 million worth, sitting unattended in the back of an armored truck in the Jewelry District and decided to run off with it. 

The man is slight in stature (about 5'6" and 150 pounds, police say) and struggles with the 86-pound bucket. His getaway, along 48th Street from Sixth to Third Avenue, typically a 10-minute walk, took him about an hour. He looked like he was trying to carry the Husafell Stone.

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Coincidentally, the scene of the crime is right by SI’s old offices and I can’t say I haven’t entertained similar thoughts while walking past the Diamond District’s armored trucks on my way home from work before.