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That isn’t a face swap.

By Dan Gartland
December 18, 2016

Social media is a great way for sports teams to enhance #fan #engagement. Or, alternatively, it can be used to tell young women they look like their fathers. 

The Capitals ran a social media-themed promotion for Saturday’s game against the Canadiens that included, among other things, a face swap booth in Section 115 and Section 105. The team also retweeted tweets from fans throughout the game, such as this girl’s photo with her dad. 

The Caps saw the photo and gave Emily what they thought was a compliment. 

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Emily, however, did not use the face swap booth. She just took a selfie with her father. 

The Caps tried to play it cool but Emily was having none of it. 

Sure, it’s pretty embarrassing to be told that you look like a much older man, but at least Emily gained over 300 followers

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