The Chris Brown-Soulja Boy fight is now a Mike Tyson-Floyd Mayweather fight

The former heavyweight champion will train Chris Brown ahead of his fight with Soulja Boy.
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This Soulja Boy-Chris Brown fight is turning into a boxing A-list affair. 

The beef started last week when Soulja Boy liked an Instagram post by Karrueche Tran, Brown's ex-girlfriend. The two artists then traded threatening tweets before Brown challenged Soulja Boy to the boxing match. Soulja Boy, being the soldier that his name suggests he is, promptly accepted the challenge.


"Put the guns down and put on the gloves" is the type of positive-message marketing that could lead boxing back to its glory days. 

We learned last week that none other than Floyd Mayweather will train Soulja Boy. Now, former heavyweight champion and notorious bad boy Mike Tyson has signed on to train fellow bad boy (perhaps just bad person?) Chris Brown. 

In the video, Tyson suggests he will teach Brown "every dirty trick in the book" to help him knock out Soulja Boy. Tyson once bit off a not-that-small piece of Evander Holyfield's ear in a title fight and didn't deny that he'd teach Brown how to do it. So yeah, this could get ugly. 

On the other hand, this could turn into a pretty interesting tactical bout. Tyson was a really aggressive fighter and often went for (and delivered) the knockout punch in the first round. Mayweather, on the other hand, was a defensive specialist and one of the all-time best counter punchers. 

Yep, I just seriously analyzed the tactics of a Soulja Boy-Chris Brown fight. That's what this has come to.