Bill Belichick will not talk about pregame routine (Video) - Sports Illustrated

Bill Belichick icily refuses to discuss his pregame routine with reporter

Some poor reporter was trying to gather some details from Belichick in order to set the scene of the coach preparing on gameday. He didn't get anything useful.
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Patriots coach and professional press conference growler Bill Belchick really delivered this week, following up his “SnapFace” comment from early in the week with a classic shutdown of a reporter.

Some poor writer was trying to gather some details from Belichick in order to set the scene of the coach preparing on gameday, but was denied like a D-III point guard trying to score at the rim on DeAndre Jordan.

He asked the coach about cramming for the game, perhaps in an effort to uncover some cool anecdote about Belichick staying up all night, watching film and drinking RedBull. No dice.

Then, he asked what his “Sunday was like,” to which Belichick simply said, “No.”

Finally, he tried a third time to get an answer, simply asking if he had any pregame rituals. “Yeah, try to coach and play good.”

Good morning, good afternoon and good night.