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Kings upset Cavs in Cleveland, celebrate with incredible Twitter troll

This was legitimately creative.

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Let me start by saying that I’m over NBA teams trolling each other on Twitter. My feed is cluttered as it is. I’m annoyed a lot of the time when teams co-opt popular slang and repurpose it for their corporate branding needs. I’m also a hater.

But the second important part of this blog post is that the Kings beat the stumbling Cavs in Cleveland, in overtime, and actually did something great.

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It is here:

Although there’s really no telling how long the Kings have had that in their back pocket — I won’t look up the last time they won a game in Cleveland — this is good and artistic and thoughtful.

So is this: 

What’s not as cool is the Hawks trying to elbow their way into the conversation. 

Stay out of it, other NBA teams. Let the Kings have their moment. God knows there haven’t been too many of them this season.