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Nick Saban is visiting recruits in a helicopter

What better way to impress recruits than by landing on their practice field in a helicopter?

After losing an epic national championship game to Clemson, Alabama coach Nick Saban is back on the 'crootin trail. National Signing Day is Feb. 1, so Saban is trying to convince as many recruits as possible to come to Alabama at the last minute.

He's on a time crunch, so he simply does not have time to drive around the Southeast and do normal people things like sit in traffic. Naturally, Saban is taking a helicopter and landing it on high school practice fields. 

He visited Chaminade-Madonna (Ala.) and St. Thomas Aquinas (Fla.) in the helicopter on Friday. 

Saban apparently does this every time National Signing Day comes around. 

According to every major recruiting service, Alabama already has the best 2017 recruiting class in the country. But that Clemson loss reminded Alabama that it cannot rest on its laurels, so Saban is bringing out all the tricks. I like it. 

-Daniel Rapaport