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Samoa Joe made his WWE debut on Raw and the fans loved it

WWE fans have been dying to see Samoa Joe on the main roster for a long time. 

WWE fans have been waiting forever to see NXT star Samoa Joe make his debut on the main roster. They didn’t get their wish of a Royal Rumble appearance, but Joe did surprise everyone by showing up on Raw to attack Seth Rollins on behalf of Triple H. 

It all started when Rollins squared off with Stephanie McMahon early in the show and threatened to show up at Triple H and McMahon’s house, implying he might hurt their kids. Triple H was understandably incensed and jumped in the ring later into the show to give Rollins a piece of his mind. That’s when Samoa Joe came out of nowhere to attack Rollins.

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Fans were just as surprised by Joe’s debut as they were delighted. 

Joe worked in a variety of minor promotions for the better part of two decades before making the jump to NXT, WWE’s developmental circuit, in 2015 and eventually took the NXT belt from Finn Balor.