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Gronk chugging beers shirtless is peak Gronk

Rob Gronkowski chugging beers shirtless is his natural environment. 

Rob Gronkowski’s semi-annual booze cruise weaved through the streets of Boston on Tuesday and it did not disappoint. 

After Gronk enjoyed several libations during the inaugural booze cruise two years ago, fans were eager to make sure their tight end didn’t go thirsty. There are so, so many videos of Gronk catching beers, chugging them, and spiking the empty cans. But one video stands out among them all. It’s the perfect distillation of Rob Gronkowski. 

Here it is, in all its glory, a shirtless Gronk double-fisting beers. TMZ also has footage of Gronk pouring both beers in and around his mouth.

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This is the only reason to root for the Patriots to win another Super Bowl.