Couldn’t he afford a cab?

By Dan Gartland
February 16, 2017

It’s not all that unusual to see celebrities riding the subway in New York. But the bus? That’s just ridiculous. 

If you’re going to opt for above-ground transport, why not take a cab? Surely if you’re famous you can afford it. Then why the hell was Phil Jackson, who makes $12 million a year to tank the Knicks, spotted riding the bus on Tuesday?

#knickstape 🙈

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A few possible explanations:

• He knows James Dolan would never look for him there.

• He joined the #DeleteUber movement

• He got in a cab but the driver had sports talk station WFAN on the radio. 

• Charles Oakley said he’d only accept an apology if Phil publicly debased himself.

• The subway was delayed, because it’s always delayed. 

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