Watch: TV reporter doesn't realize he's interviewing Adrian Peterson

The guy had genuinely no idea until he asked AP for his name. 
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John Donnelly is a reporter for Fox 26 in Houston, and he's apparently a football fan but not that big of a football fan. 

I say this because Donnelly clearly knows who Adrian Peterson is; he just doesn't know what he looks like. 

Donnelly was doing a segment on road rage and was interviewing what he thought was a random, albeit remarkably chiseled, man. Peterson, who was recently released by the Vikings, was probably pretty relieved to answer questions about something other than his impending free agency. 

After the interview, Donnelly asks the man for his name, and this is actually the best part of the video. Just look at the confidence with which AP says "Adrian Peterson." That's a man who is confident with the mark he has left on society.

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"Adrian Peterson" is one of those names whose sheer utterance conveys tremendous physical accomplishment, equaled only by "Maria Sharapova" and "Baker Mayfield" in my completely objective name-rating system.  

Anyways, Donnelly immediately realizes who he has just interviewed, and he and his camera person got a nice laugh out of it.