Deion Sanders had no time for the Giants' combine test

Deion being Deion. 
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It's NFL combine time, which also means it's time we hear about the weird questions teams ask players and the stupid tests they give them. Franchises are trying to decide which college kid they'll invest millions of dollars in, so they go to great lengths to try and evaluate a player's character.

Teams ask absolutely ridiculous questions, like "are you a cat or a dog?", and give elaborate tests like using card tricks to test the mental capacity of prospects. 

Deion Sanders had no time for this nonsense. After an incredible career at Florida State during which he was a three-time All-American, Sanders knew he'd be a top pick. So when the Giants presented him with a brain-teaser type deal at the 1989 NFL combine, Sanders cut right to the chase. 

Sanders was right; ​he was selected fifth overall by the Falcons and went on to have a Hall of Fame career.