Yeah, Tim Tebow is new to this baseball thing. 

By Dan Gartland and Extra Mustard
March 09, 2017

It turns out, after 12 years away from baseball, Tim Tebow has a lot to learn. 

Tebow’s performance in his spring training debut on Wednesday was pretty lousy on the surface (two strikeouts, a GIDP and a hit-by-pitch), and even lousier if you look more closely. 

Playing against major league competition for the first time, Tebow made the embarrassing—if harmless—mistake of standing in the wrong on-deck circle while waiting for the inning to start. Here’s how Fox’s Ken Rosenthal explained the scene

Here are five videos of Tim Tebow striking out looking

It was embarrassing what Tebow did before his first at-bat against righthander Rick Porcello, strolling toward the Red Sox’ on-deck circle, clueless about where to go.

Porcello caught a glimpse of him and thought Tebow was a Mets ball boy. Collins said jokingly that he thought Tebow was going to shake hands with Red Sox bench coach Gary DiSarcina. Mets first base coach Tom Goodwin and plate umpire Ryan Additon had to order Tebow back.

And Tebow?

“I kind of thought, ‘You walk around because you’re a lefthander.’ I found out that you don’t do that.”

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That’s a totally reasonable thing to think. You want to be facing the pitcher while he takes his warmup throws. Maybe that’s how they did it at Nease High School in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., over a decade ago. 

Tebow will get a chance to redeem himself on Friday in another split-squad game. 

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