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Monday's P.M. Hot Clicks: Victoria Fratz; Viral video of enormous chicken takes over internet


Have you seen this scary giant mutant chicken?

An enormous chicken has taken over the internet and if you haven't seen it yet, stop reading and press play on the video above. I've done some research and determined that it's most likely a Brahma rooster and they generally weigh around 12 pounds, but have been known to reach 18 pounds. I heard it hates Duke.

Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl jersey has been found

Jay Glazer broke the story. It's some shady guy posing as a member of the international media and they were smuggled to Mexico. Read the full story here.

One way to stop people from stealing toilet paper

Beijing's Temple of Heaven has installed facial recognition dispensers at all of its toilets. You've been warned.

Lovely Lady of the Day


Victoria Fratz is an actress and producer based in Los Angeles. She is also the co-founder of LA production company, Social House Films, and today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery).

This made me laugh

The Warriors have JaVale McGee toilet paper in their bathroom. And it's tremendous.

SI Recommends

Gross food item, just in time for Easter!

Who wants an egg made out of chocolate when you can get one made entirely from cheese?

This can't be real

A Memphis nail salon is allegedly charging an extra $45 for overweight people to have pedicures.

Not the most original tattoo but I still like it

Still got it

Odds & ends

Sunday was a great day for Duke haters ... Did you know Triple H made more money than Vince McMahon in 2016 ... Great work by whoever runs the South Carolina Twitter account for it's relentless trolling of Duke ... Bronson Arroyo still uses a flip phone ... Ronda Rousey is enjoying life on the small screen ... Mike Francesa is not very knowledgeable about college basketball ... Here are the original shows coming to Netflix in 2017 ... Seven standouts from this year's SXSW Film Festival ... A high school senior in Kansas asked his best friend's little sister to attend prom with him. Watch the video. It's great.

Chrissy Teigen takes it all off

I could watch this all day

Paging all cat lovers

I'm impressed

Random, underrated Pearl Jam song

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