That’s just nasty. 

By Dan Gartland and Extra Mustard
April 06, 2017

For ever athlete like Tom Brady or Vince Carter who obsesses over what they put their body there’s another like Dwight Howard or Yoan Moncada who gorges on absolute junk. At least Howard and Moncada had the good sense to develop habits for foods that actually taste good, unlike Alexei Ramirez. 

“When we had [Ramirez's] debut in Cleveland, his Major League debut, he pregamed with two Krispy Kremes with mayonnaise in between,” Chicago GM Rick Hahn told “He put them together and enjoyed that for his pregame meal. So we're not unaccustomed to the transition in his diet.”

The transition Hahn is referring to is Moncada’s. Moncada, a White Sox prospect, has turned heads with his prolific penchant for Twinkies, housing 10 in a single sitting and up to 85 in a week. 

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Hahn also leaves out one very important detail about Ramirez’s artery-clogging snack: Did he use fresh Krispy Kremes or store-bought?

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