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Banana boat crew rips each other's fashion choices

Banana boat crew rips Chris Paul's fashion choices.

The famous Banana Boat Crew - NBA stars Chris Paul, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony – have been seen the last couple of summers showing the world how they like to have fun after a grueling NBA season.

And while the crew are known for their basketball exploits, being fashion icons may take a while to acknowledge.

In an interview with's Rohan Nadkarni, Wade says the crew uses a group chat to clown each others fashion choices.

“Chris Paul recently, when he was out with his thumb injury, he had wore this, it was really like this diarrhea brown—not diarrhea green—diarrhea brown turtleneck with the jacket," Wade said. "Oh man, I went right to the group chat with the eye emoji like ‘What the?’ But they do the same to me. So we definitely have some fun with each other on things like that.”

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