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Mike Pence made the press watch ‘Hoosiers,’ the ‘greatest sports movie ever made’

His judgment is obviously clouded by being from Indiana. 

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Vice President Mike Pence is currently traveling all around the eastern hemisphere, accompanied by a pool of journalists. He’s performing important duties like meeting with Australia’s prime minister, posing very seriously in a leather jacket at Korea’s demilitarized zone and choosing mandatory in-flight entertainment for the press. 

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According to the pool report of Pence’s travels, as Air Force 2 carried Pence and the media members from Indonesia to Australia on Friday, the VP’s press secretary informed the media that Pence requested they “would all be required to watch” Hoosiers, which Pence says is the “greatest sports movie ever made.”

Look, Hoosiers is obviously not the best sports movie ever. It’s maudlin, cliché and saccharine. The Natural, Caddyshack, He Got Game, Rocky and Bull Durham are all better, just to name a few. But Pence’s judgment is obviously clouded by living his entire life in Indiana. Of course he’s going to overrate a movie that fetishizes small-town life in that state. 

It’s also rated PG, and you know Pence—who’s so puritanical he won’t even dine with women other than his wife—probably bristles at even a PG-13 rating.