Clay Bellinger’s son making the majors is the first time sports have made me feel old

Clay Bellinger’s son is a major-league baseball player and I will turn to dust some day soon. 
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When I was eight years old, Yankees utilityman Clay Bellinger robbed Todd Zeile of a home run in the ninth inning of Game 2 of the World Series.

Four years later, I saw one of his final professional games, with the Ottawa Lynx against the Pawtucket Red Sox at McCoy Stadium.

On Tuesday, the Dodgers called up Bellinger’s son, Cody, the top prospect in their system.

Sooner or later, something in sports will make you contemplate your own mortality. For me, I always knew that moment would have something to do with the early-2000s Yankees, but it didn’t happen when I took a class in college with Tino Martinez’s daughter, or covered a college basketball game featuring Paul O’Neill’s son. 

Some day, I will turn into dust. That day is apparently sooner that I had imagined. 

Congratulations to Cody.