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Breaking down the greatest NFL Draft video that's ever been produced

New York Jets legendary NFL Draft blunders video is a gift

With the 2017 NFL Draft upon us, it's Internet law that every sports website must post the video compilation of New York Jets blunders over the years. Surf the web today, and you will see the video everywhere.

The reason for this is simple: the clip is amazing in so many ways. Let us explain how much happens in just one minute and thirty-eight glorious seconds:

0:06 -- The video starts out with New York choosing wide receiver Johnny "Lam" Jones in 1980. This gives us a chance to remember that the NFL Draft used to look like it took place in Studio 54.


0:12 -- We quickly move to 1981 and selection of running back Freeman McNeil, which leads to this "life comes at you fast" moment for one fan.

jets-giphy (1).gif

0:22 -- Now we skip to 1983. Commissioner Pete Rozelle simply utters the world "quarterback" and the New York crowd emphatically boos without even hearing the name. Of course, Rozelle follows that up by announcing Ken O'Brien, which leads to one fan acting like he just watched his dog get run over by a bus.

jets-giphy (5)_0.gif
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0:38 -- Rozelle starts to annouce the pick by saying, "Fullback," which immediately leads to a Jets fan screaming out, "NOOOO!"

0:43 --Forget the fans. The 1987 selection of fullback Roger Vick gets ESPN host Chris Berman to audibly groan.

0:57 --  Next up, the 1989 pick of defensive lineman Jeff Lageman causes ESPN analyst Mel Kiper to say, "It's obvious to me right now that the Jets just don't understand what the draft is all about."

1:09 -- The greatest moment in the video comes in 1992 when New York takes tight end Johnny Mitchell.

jets-1992-giphy (1).gif

No, really. Look at what the selection of Mitchell did to this poor fan.

jets-1992-giphy (2).gif

1:25 -- In 1995, the Jets started a very loud, "WE WANT SAPP," chant. They ended up with tight end Kyle Brady. This poor guy just couldn't handle it.

jets-giphy (4).gif

Sadly, the NFL has moved the Draft out of New York City, so we are denied moments like these, but we can only dream that a return to the Big Apple is in the near future because you know the Jets will most likely screw up their draft pick.