Videos: Jim Harbaugh plays ‘Gladiator,’ sings opera on his very strange Roman vacation

Jim Harbaugh has outdone himself. 
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The answer to the eternal question “Is Jim Harbaugh really that weird?” appears to be “Yes.”

Harbaugh’s trip to Rome with the Wolverines was already pretty amusing—he was asked to stop playing catch in a mall and gave the pope some Michigan gear—but he really outdid himself on Friday.

The morning began with Harbaugh singing opera as he addressed reporters, which was only foreshadowing the absurdity to come. 

The highlight (lowlight?) of the day was definitely Harbaugh’s alarmingly dull delivery of Russell Crowe’s dramatic monologue from Gladiator.

If you compare Harbaugh’s delivery to Russell Crowe’s in the clip at the top of the page, it’s clear Harbaugh is in the right line of work.