In Wednesday's Hot Clicks, a minor league team will pay tribute to The Beatles and a look at the lovely Molly Curley.

By Andy Gray
May 03, 2017

Jaiden Thomas is Celtics real MVP

Sure, Isaiah Thomas scored 53 points in the most impressive NBA playoff performance so far this season. And yes, he did it with a front tooth that could barely stay in his mouth after getting knocked out last game. But I can't stop watching clips of his son, Jaiden, strutting into the arena with his shades on, owning the pregame press conference and trying to dribble backwards. You're the real MVP, Jaiden.

Beatles meet minor league baseball

Minor league baseball theme nights are one of the best things about sports (and here are Exhibits A and B to prove that point). So when the Toledo Mud Hens announced they'd be paying tribute to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band's 50th anniversary with a tribute night next month, I had to spread the word. 

Who tweeted it: Donald Trump or Jose Canseco?

This is a solid way to kill five minutes. I scored 14 out of 20. 

Lovely Lady of the Day

Molly Curley isn't just a swimsuit model, she also started Molly J Swimwear. We admire that kind of industriousness in Hot Clicks. She is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery).

Great tribute to a fallen friend

Tom McDonald has been charged with disposing of the ashes of his best friend, who like Tom was a diehard Mets fan.  So like any respectable baseball fan who was put in charge of his friend's ashes (a friend, who is also a plumber, mind you), McDonald is visiting ballparks around the country and flushing his friend's ashes down their toilets.

Taco Bell bringing the heat

Why put chicken on your chips when you can just make the chip directly out of chicken? 

Hot Clicks style alert

This girl designed a prom dress that looks like a pizza, and she is a fashion genius.


The NFL in 1954

Odds & ends

This Alex Rodriguez-Derek Jeter CNBC interview is painfully awkward ... The Cavs quietly tried to lure Kevin Garnett out of retirement ... Cam Newton had a much better Met Ball than Matt Harvey​ ... You can now own Aaron Hernandez's SUV (yeah, that one) ... Aaron Judge destroyed a TV in one swing ... Lakers fans recruited Paul George during his trip to Disneyland ... There’s a tiny amusement park for mice in Sweden ... Amy Schumer's dad burst into tears when he met Goldie Hawn.

Always remember to touch home plate

Isaiah Thomas pays tribute to his sister

Kobe's daughter has game

Meet SI's newest employee


Mama told me not to come


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