When memes go wrong.

By Extra Mustard
May 03, 2017

If you've been following the NBA playoffs or participate in the collective textual collection of our worst selves known as Twitter, you heard that LeBron James grabbed a fan’s beer.

He didn’t drink the beer, but he took it and held it in apparent disgust, which somehow became symbolic for "LeBron doesn’t care about this series against the Raptors because he's so good at basketball that he’s just bored.”

Well, now Great Lakes Brewing is using LeBron’s likeness to promote that very beer he graced with his touch (it’s called Dortmunder Gold), and according to Cleveland.com, LeBron’s business partners (and LeBron) are unhappy about it.

Also, according to LeBron, he's still annoyed about Great Lakes making a special “Quitness” beer after he left Cleveland the first time.

“This is about the last thing I'm trying to worry about right now, my agent and my legal team will take care of it, but yeah I know (Great Lakes) is trying to benefit off of me,” James told Cleveland.com. “And I heard they were the same company that made all those 'Quitness' beers, and now they're trying to benefit off me this way? Yeah, it's pretty funny.”

The brewery briefly used a cardboard cutout of James to advertise a discounted deal at their pub, which they deleted, but there was also this:

So yeah, be careful with likenesses and be careful what you tweet, and definitely don’t make fun of LeBron and expect to kiss and make up.

But also, how is the beer?

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