Hmm, why should we believe him?

By Dan Gartland and Extra Mustard
May 04, 2017

Markieff Morris had 16 points and six rebounds in the Wizards’ overtime loss to the Celtics on Tuesday, despite nursing an injured ankle. Or did he???

Morris, of course, is an identical twin, and it would be shockingly easy for his brother Marcus to take his place. Not only do they have the same DNA (throwing a wrench in Bill Simmons’s plan to tell them apart), they have the very same tattoos. No, seriously, their tattoos are literally the same

There’s almost no way to tell them apart, so the only evidence we have that Marcus didn’t sneak into a Wizards uniform on Tuesday is his own word. 

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Isn’t that just what he would say if he did play in the game, though? How convenient. The only solution is clearly to have a camera trained on Marcus during all of Markieff’s games. 

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