Dan Le Batard says that Jeter was upset he had to do his interview alongside A-Rod.

By Extra Mustard
May 10, 2017

Former New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter was reportedly "beside himself angry" that he had to do an interview with CNBC alongside former teammate Alex Rodriguez. ESPN's Dan Le Batard says he was informed of Jeter's feelings and shared it on his radio show.

“I actually learned, factually, that Jeter was beside himself angry at that interview he had to do with Alex Rodriguez, first and foremost, because nobody told him he’d have to be sitting there next to Alex Rodriguez,” Le Batard said.

No specific source was named.

The interview was painfully awkward. See for yourself.

CNBC clumsily asked Jeter and Rodriguez about their relationship, the Met Gala and pace of play in the sport when all they wanted to talk about was the charities that they were there for.

So in the rare instance that we see two Yankee legends side-by-side, it's handled terribly. Don't think we'll ever see this again.

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