How is Ed Orgeron still alive after drinking that many energy drinks?

By Dan Gartland and Extra Mustard
May 10, 2017

Football coaches are a special kind of crazy—Jim Harbaugh isn’t exception, he’s the norm. In order to reach the upper levels of football coaching, you have to have some undiagnosed mental disorder that convinces you it’s OK to sit in a dark room studying tape by yourself until dawn.

LSU’s Ed Orgeron is no exception. Just because he sounds like a mix of the lovable Cookie Monster and mild-mannered James Carville doesn’t mean that he’s not a little bit unstable. But what fuels him to succeed? A unholy amount of energy drinks. 

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The “when I’m drinking them” qualifier is important, but drinking eight to ten Monsters on any day seems like a godawful idea. Just one 16oz. can has 54 grams of sugar, and even if he opts for the low-carb variety there’s still an incredible amount of caffeine. Eight cans is 1,280 mg of caffeine, or 1,600 mg in 10 cans. The Mayo Clinic recommends “most healthy adults” keep their caffeine intake under 400 mg a day

Please, Coach O, we’re begging you—stop this madness. The college football world needs you around for a long time. Plus, you’d have more time to coach if you weren’t going to the bathroom so often.

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