Michael Jordan once threw away Lil Bow Wow's Allen Iverson shoes

Lil Bow Wow once wore Allen Iverson's sneakers in Michael Jordan's house.
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"Like Mike" star Bow Wow, now known as Shad Moss, recently recalled a story about when he made the mistake of not wearing Jumpman sneakers to the home of the greatest basketball player of all-time.

"Michael Jordan threw away my Allen Iverson sneakers when I was at his house," Moss said. 

Moss says that he used to stay at the Jordan household while he was touring the country. One day, he woke up and the former Chicago Bulls star was holding up Moss' Iverson sneakers. Jordan tossed them in the garbage and then got Moss a new pair.

Watch Moss' story from 1:35 to 3:00 on Desus and Mero's show (Explicit language):

So there we have it. Lil Bow Wow's shoes belong in the trash along with his CSI: Cyber career and his most recent Instagram post about being on a private jet.