Cyclist earns fine for exposing chest to ask woman out—but he got the date

There’s good news and bad news. 
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Here’s the good news for Belgian cyclist Victor Campenaerts: he’s going out on a date with a woman named Carlien. 

Here’s the bad news: asking her out earned him a fine of 100 Swiss francs ($102)

Campenaerts came in 11 minutes behind the leaders in Tuesday’s Stage 10 time trial at the Giro d’Italia but stole the show when he unzipped his racing suit to reveal the phrase “Carlien daten?” on his chest. That’s “Carlien, can we go on a date?” in Flemish. 

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This, of course, left all of Belgium wondering who Carlien was. It didn’t take long before she identified herself. 

Carlien then went on TV and announced that she said yes to Campenaerts, as long as they don’t go to a movie. (She falls asleep in the theater.)

As for the fine, issued for “damaging [the] image of the sport,” a Belgian radio host has set up a GoFundMe to cover the cost.