The Mets reaction to Mr. Met giving the finger was a complete embarrassment.

By Jimmy Traina
June 01, 2017

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1. Hopefully you're all holding up well after last night's national tragedy. Kids across America were traumatized for life in a completely senseless act. I honestly don't know how all those little kids surfing the Internet at 9:40 last night are able to function today after seeing Mr. Met flip off some fans. Thank goodness the Mets acted so quickly and reassigned him basically right on the spot. This is the only way our country can heal after such a catastrophe. 

OK, now for the serious stuff. How pathetic are the New York Mets? This poor guy has to wear a big, dumb mascot costume for three or four hours a day to entertain little kids and he had one split second where he acted unprofessionally. Of course, the people filming this at the ballpark couldn't wait to put it on social media for the world to see, and now the guy is in a heap of trouble. Think about that for one second. The guy who played Mr. Met had to be reassigned because he gave the middle finger to fans while running down the tunnel. 

Look at this nonsense the Mets put on Twitter at around 11 p.m. last night.

"Dealing with this matter internally?" The mascot flipped the bird. He didn't kill a family while driving drunk. Good grief. Could the team's reaction to something so unbelievably stupid possibly be more ridiculous? Of course, the Mets will go right to the "think of the children" card. Because, you know, a young kid has never heard anyone curse or seen anyone give a middle finger and seeing this act come from a bizarre mascot will just completely rock their word. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying it's fine that the guy did what he did. Obviously he shouldn't have. A suspension for a game or two would've been perfectly fine. But taking away his job? For that? Please. The Mets should evaluate their team doctors, medical staff and trainers with the same quickness and authority that they investigated Mr. Met's middle finger.

Sports are so utterly stupid sometimes.

2. With the NBA Finals finally beginning tonight (Golden State is favored by 7 over Cleveland), here are some prop bets on how the big names will do in Game 1, via

• Over/under LeBron James points: 31.5

• Over/under LeBron James points + rebounds + assists: 48.5

• Over/under Kyrie Irving points: 26.5

• Over/under Kevin Love points: 17.5

• Over/under Stephen Curry points: 26.5

• Over/under Kevin Durant points: 28.5

• Over/under Klay Thompson points: 18

3. Live TV comes through again. During a spot on SportsCenter Thursday morning, reporter Todd Archer just completely bailed while being interviewed by Hannah Storm.


4. Carrie Underwood was all fired up while watching her husband, Mike Fisher, in action during last night's Stanley Cup Game 2 between he Predators and Penguins.

5. Legendary NHL broadcaster Doc Emrick is so damn good at his job  that he can even do great play-by-play of a guy making a sandwich.

6. Raiders punter Marquette King is one of the more amusing athletes on Twitter. He came out strong Thursday morning with some fashion advice.

7. There will be a new NBA edition of  "Mean Tweets" on Jimmy Kimme's show tonight. Here is a sneak peek.

8. The best Covfefe moment yesterday came from CNN's Anderson Cooper.

9. THE DAILY ROCK: In honor of the NBA Finals, here's the time The Rock cut a promo on Shaquille O'Neal during Inside the NBA.

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