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Joey Votto will buy Zack Cozart a donkey if he makes the All-Star team

Cozart doesn’t sound like he really wants the donkey. 

Against all odds, Zack Cozart of the Reds leads all NL shortstops in All-Star voting and Joey Votto might have to buy him some livestock. 

Before the season, Votto promised that he’d buy a donkey for Cozart if the shortstop made the All-Star team. As a career .246 hitter entering the year, that seemed like a long shot. After Cozart’s torrid start, though, it’s looking more like a real possibility. 

“I don’t know why I like donkeys so much, maybe because they look like they’re real chill,” Cozart told MLB Network Radio. “About a mile away from our spring training facility in Arizona, there’s a donkey farm where you can feed the donkeys. Old Jo-Vo was like, ‘You make the All-Star team, I’m going to get you a donkey.’ I’m like, ‘Joey, I don’t need a donkey right now.’ But if anybody knows Joey, I do and if that happens he’s going to show up with a donkey somehow.”

Cozart better start building a barn because he’s having a career year and just pulled ahead of Corey Seager to take the top spot in the balloting.