Video: Long jumper completely unfazed after her wig goes flying off

She just walked it off like nothing happened. 
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There was good news and bad news for Nigerian long jumper Blessing Okagbare for her first attempt at Thursday’s Oslo Diamond League. 

The good news, she jumped a respectable 6.21 meters, good enough to start off in the middle of the pack. The bad news, her wig came dislodged during her landing. It wouldn’t have been that bad, except the jumpers land in a pit of sand, which is just about the worst place for your wig to end up. 

Okagbare was totally unbothered, though. Most people would probably be mortified if they lost their in front of a stadium full of people. Not Okagbare, though. She just calmly put it back on. 

Why is she competing in a wig, though? Doesn’t it make sense to be as light and streamlined as possible? I guess the ponytail does look pretty cool when she’s flying through the air, on the other hand.