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Traina Thoughts: How on earth is this Pete Rose thing still going on?

The Hall of Fame has voted again to not put Pete Rose on the ballot.
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1. It October 24, 1999 when Jim Gray helped turn Pete Rose into a sympathetic figure by harassing him about his ban from baseball during an interview before a World Series game in which the baseball's All-Century team was being celebrated. Gray's smugness peaked at the very end of the interview when he scolded Rose for the way he handled his situation.

Now, here we are 18 years later -- EIGHTEEN -- and Pete Rose still can't get on the Hall of Fame ballot. The L.A. Times reports that in December, the Hall of Fame shut down Rose's request to have his case reviewed and get become eligible for election. 

Rose is already banned from working in any capacity in Major League Baseball, and commissioner Rob Manfred has said that ban will remain. That's the price Rose has to pay for betting on baseball. While that seems extreme to me, I can understand Manfred's position. What I can't understand is why the man can't get a plaque in a museum. That's all the Baseball Hall of Fame is -- a museum. Pete Rose broke a rule by betting on baseball, but that doesn't mean his 4,256 hits don't count. That doesn't mean his career didn't happen. Hasn't he paid the price and then some already? Is there no consideration of the punishment fitting the crime? Can't they just let him in the museum so we don't have to read these stories anymore? 

Enough already. Give him his day. The Hall of Fame should use him to get a ton of good publicity and massive attention. There is no negative to giving Rose the honor. You can't teach him a lesson anymore. He's 76 years old. You can't send a message to other players because there isn't a Major League Baseball player on a roster today who will decide to bet on the sport because Pete Rose got accepted into a museum. This is all so silly at this point.

Just let him in and make all this nonsense stop.

2. Draymond Green appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's show last night and explained why his teammates always say he's the drunkest guy at the celebratory parties.

3. The transition from best player in the world to just a regular person was completed last night by LeBron James. With the postseason over, The King made his return to social media and posted and Instagram video from his 10-year-old son's birthday part. And just like regular people, James is the typical parent giving annoying instructions to his kids while doing play-by-play as he films them. 

4. Dwyane Wade shared a great #TBT pic of himself, LeBron, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul from 2006. 

5. Kris Bryant has been overruled by Aaron Judge when it comes to jersey sales.

6. Speaking of jerseys, MLB will allow players to wear nicknames on the back of their jerseys for one weekend in August.

7. Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch shared his analysis on the upcoming Floyd Mayweather-Connor McGregor fight that was announced yesterday. For some reason, I trust Lynch's opinion on this more than anymore else.

8. If you're a sports media junkie, hit the link in the tweet below.

9. Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon "surprised" people at a New York City subway station yesterday with an impromptu concert. I just want non-New Yorkers to know that this video does not properly reflect the mood and attitude of New Yorkers at a subway station in any way, shape or form. Also, Party In The U.S.A. is still a banger.

10. THE DAILY ROCK: Here's a compilation of The Rock mocking Bill Goldberg.


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