Big Cass turns on Enzo in WWE shocker: ‘We are through’

One of WWE’s most popular tag teams is no more. 
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Monday’s edition of Raw ended with a shocking twist as Big Cass betrayed tag team partner Enzo Amore and announced “We are through.”

The segment began with Enzo and Cass looking to find the men who attacked them backstage four weeks prior, only to have it be revealed that it was Cass who attacked Enzo. Cass went on to explain that he felt Enzo had been holding him back and that Enzo was all talk and no action. He spelled it out in no uncertain terms: the alliance between Enzo and Cass that began in NXT in 2013 was over. 

Enzo was so caught off guard that his eyes welled with tears as Cass skewered him in the center of the ring.

Cass’s speech ended with those three hurtful words—“We. Are. Through.”—and a big kick to the head. 

Cass then walked out of the arena, apparently ready to start a new career as a singles competitor. As for what’s next for Enzo, we’ll have to wait and see.