Cyclists forced to ride into oncoming traffic on bike path in Dublin

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Cyclists on a popular route in Dublin were forced to ride into oncoming traffic at the weekend after drivers decided to use a cycle lane as a car park.

The cycle path, which was opened two months ago to make it safer for novice riders on a popular route through Phoenix Park in the centre of Dublin, is painted bright green with bike symbols, and also has double yellow lines along one side.

However despite this a video filmed on June 18 shows a large number of people seem to have mistaken it for car parking, taking up almost all of its 2.5m width, forcing cyclists to ride in the wrong direction into oncoming traffic.

In a twist to the tale, Phoenix Park management responded to a complaint by the Dublin Cycling Campaign, saying that the video had been taken during a busy weekend in the park, including the Irish Cargo Bike Championships.

The management also said that it was considering steps to prevent similar problems in the future, although it did not have the power to penalise drivers.

“Phoenix Park management are aware of these incidents of parking and have placed cones along this area to stop it.

The possibility of looking at the installation of Victorian hand rails in this area is also being considered.

“According to the Phoenix Park Act of 1925, the Phoenix Park rangers do not have the authority to clamp or ticket cars but instead place stickers on the rear side windows.”

This piece originally appeared in Cycling Weekly.