Celtics target Gordon Hayward once said he 'can't stand' Tom Brady

Can Boston Celtics fans look past Gordon Hayward saying he doesn't share their love of local hero Tom Brady?
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During the NFL playoffs in January, Gordon Hayward was asked to choose between Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. 

"Aaron Rodgers. I can't stand Tom Brady," the seven-year NBA veteran told Utah Jazz reporter Hayley Byrnes.

The question might have been innocuous, but now it's late June and the Boston Celtics are reportedly hoping to court Hayward. Tom Brady is a hero to Boston sports fans everywhere. Awkward.  

Hayward's justification makes sense, but Patriots fans probably won't like it. 

"I'm a Colts fan," the Indiana native said. "I can't stand him just because he plays for the Patriots."


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Hayward added that he does respect Brady as a good player, and "it's just loyalty" to the hometown team to pick against him.

As New Englanders recover from the thought of a guy who grew up rooting for Peyton Manning being the next big piece in a possible championship run for the Celtics, they can hope that his loyalty to Indiana extends to his former Butler coach Brad Stevens.