Traina Thoughts: PETA asks people why they eat bacon and it doesn't go well

Bacon lovers brought out all the memes when Peta asked a bad Twitter question.
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1. Passing on an item related to sports at the top today because we have to start with something  the Internet loves more than almost anything: Bacon. For some reason, PETA thought it would be a good idea yesterday to ask people to present their best argument for eating bacon. Now, asking the most innocent, benign question on Twitter can often lead to a complete s---show. But when you question people on the World Wide Web about bacon, all hell is gonna break loose. And it did. If you need a few laughs today, click the tweet below and check the replies.

Here is a small sampling of what PETA had to deal with all day on Thursday.

2. All those blowouts night after night during the NBA playoffs cost Vegas bigtime. What a shame.

3. If you missed this ridiculous play by Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado, watch it now.

4. Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch is taking 2,000 kids to a water park for free. 

5. I'm not going to say anything to set up this next video. Just trust me and click play.

6. Today is #NationalHandshakeDay. There is only one person who comes to mind when you think of handshake debacles.

7. One of the best comedy films of all time, Coming to America, was released on this date in 1988. We celebrate the occasion with this video of all the tremendous scenes that took place in the barbershop, where Eddie Murphy played multiple characters.

8. RANDOM WRESTLING VIDEO OF THE DAY: Randy "Macho Man" Savage debuted in the WWF on July 6, 1985. His introduction of manager, Elizabeth, was legendary.

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