Cardinals coach Bruce Arians ended up in the hospital thanks to a paint eating habit.

By Jimmy Traina
July 12, 2017

Football players love to get any competitive advantage possible. Cardinals coach Bruce Arians is no different, although, the lengths he went to in order to be better on the field were a bit ridiculous -- and dangerous. Oh, and this wasn't done so he could improve during his high school football or college football days. 

Arians revealed on Wednesday that when he was younger, he would eat paint so he couldn't get tackled in NEIGHBORHOOD GAMES!

We can't quite follow Arians' logic here. Did he think paint made his stomach stronger, hence he'd be tougher to bring down? Did he think that if he could handle drinking paint, he could handle staying up while someone tried to take him down? Or did he think the paint would numb the pain? Who knows, but fortunately for Arians, the paint diet only led to two stomach pumps.


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