It's a cricket! Playing cricket!

By Jon Tayler
July 17, 2017

Most of you were probably unaware that the Women's Cricket World Cup—being held in England—is underway; in fact, it has been since June 24 and will continue until July 23. But if you visit Google's homepage today, you may have noticed that today's doodle is cricket-themed in honor of the competition. And, because this is Google, that doodle contains an adorable mini-game where you play cricket as ... well, a cricket.


Look at the tiny cricket bat! And the wobbly little wickets! Even if you don't understand cricket, its rules or how it works (I know only that the objective is to hit the ball with the bat and have it not be caught/hit the wickets behind you, ala baseball), this is still a lot of fun to play. Just try not to whoop at your desk the first time you hit one over the fence for six runs (or points, or however it is cricket is scored). Though it doesn't seem very fair that the bowler and fielders are all snails.

Anyway, if you're looking to kill a few minutes at work, check it out. Just be wary: The bowling speeds up every time you hit 50 runs, and that snail has some wicked spin.

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