Watch: New Pats CB gets absolutely savaged by local Buffalo sportscaster

Stephon Gilmore's shot at Buffalo didn't sit well with one sportscaster.
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Don't even think of taking a shot at Buffalo on Jonah Javad's watch. It ain't gonna happen.

Javad, who is a sports anchor for WGRZ in Buffalo, responded to a tweet by former Bills cornerback Stephon Gilmore in the most savage way possible.

Gilmore, who signed with New England this offseason after five seasons in Buffalo, took to Twitter to celebrate the fact that people who know him will be able to see him play on television more frequently since New England is basically on national TV all the time, while the Bills are not.

This tweet did not sit well with Javad, who responded to Gilmore by putting together a clips package of what Gilmore's friends and family have missed over the years -- Gilmore getting burnt over and over and over and over.