Shaq just loves himself some conflict.

By Daniel Rapaport
July 25, 2017

Shaquille O'Neal is never one to shy away from a conflict—remember when he and JaVale McGee got in that weirdly personal fight back in February?

The Hall of Famer and TNT analyst's latest conflict is with viral king LaVar Ball. It all started when Shaq called out Ball for charging $495 for the ZO2's, Lonzo Ball's signature shoe released by the Ball family's Big Baller Brand. 

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That was way back in May, and the conflict was dormant until Ball was asked about whether Shareef O'Neal (No. 19 in ESPN's Class of 2018 rankings), Shaq's son and an Arizona commit, could beat Ball's son LaMelo (No. 8 in ESPN's Class of 2019 rankings) in a game of one-on-one. Ball defended his son before taking it a step further.


Then, Shaq posted this weird video of himself talking trash to Ball while lip-synching to Carrie Underwood.

Most recenty, Shaq posted a picture on Thursday of himself looking ripped in his throwback Laker jersey, and the caption was overtly directed at Ball. 

​This seems to be all in good fun, but if his interaction with McGee is any indication, Shaq is willing to get serious. Your move, LaVar.