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Giants Coach Ben McAdoo Gave a Training Camp Speech About a Sex-Crazed Lion

Frasier the Lion loved to hump, and Ben McAdoo apparently finds that inspiring.

Giants coach Ben McAdoo knows how to get his players fired up on the first day of training camp: a story about an old toothless lion that loved to have sex.

For those staring at that tweet and feeling like their brain has suddenly turned into the tesseract from Interstellar: Frasier the Lion was an unexpected attraction for the Lion County Safari animal park in Irvine, Calif., in 1970. Acquired from a Mexican circus, the 18-year-old lion—who was sick, had lost all his teeth and walked around with his tongue hanging out all the time—suddenly became a celebrity after managing to have 35 cubs with six different lionesses in the park. Frasier's boundless desire to impregnate everything within reach made him a star—quite literally, even, as he was the focus of a 1973 movie called Frasier the Sensuous Lion, about a talking lion and a conspiracy to steal his virility. And I promise you, I did not make any part of that up.

Anyway, Frasier recently re-entered the public consciousness earlier this year as a plot point (seriously) during an episode of the final season of The Leftovers; I would try to explain it to you, but everything that happened on that show was the fever dream of an insane person. Suffice to say that it was weird. That's likely where McAdoo learned of Frasier's existence, but how or why the tale of an old lion that loved to hump and became a minor national obsession is relevant to the 2017–18 Giants is beyond me.

For those worried about the appropriateness of McAdoo's message, though, the coach knew that he had to target a specific audience.

And for what it's worth, the story of Frasier wasn't McAdoo's only wild-card speech choice.

Ben McAdoo apparently thinks he's giving an address to crazy college graduates.