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This Guy Managed to Convince Dozens of Tourists He’s Conor McGregor

This guy looks nothing like Conor McGregor. 

Islam Badurgov is a bodybuilder from Kazakhstan. This is what he looks like. 


He does not look like Conor McGregor, but he’s muscular enough that if he puts on some shades and covers himself in temporary tattoos in temporary tattoos people might make the mistake.

So Badurgov went down to Venice Beach and people went absolutely nuts thinking they were actually standing next to the guy fighting Floyd Mayweather next month. (My favorite is definitely the guy at the 3:30 mark who yells, “Yo, McGregor. I’m from Boston. Let me get a picture, dawg.”)

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Obviously the sunglasses help disguise his face and the tattoos are responsible for the majority of the resemblance, but Badurgov looks like he weighs about 40 pounds more than McGregor.

The real tipoff, though, should have been Badurgov’s silence. When was the last time you saw Conor McGregor keep his mouth closed for more than 30 seconds?