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'The Week In WTF': Nipple Ring Injury, Bizarre HR, Strip Club Honor

From James Harden to Lucky Whitehead, here's a recap of the week's wackiest stories.

Each Friday, Extra Mustard will round up and rank the most wild, wacky and bizarre stories from the past week.

10. Aaron Judge breaks a tooth during postgame celebration: Things got too rowdy after the Yankees pulled off a comeback win on Thursday night and the slugger ended up taking a helmet to the mouth.

9. Dodgers prospect Alex Verdugo hits home run off outfielders head: We've seen a home run bounce off someone's head before, so we couldn't give this a higher ranking, but the visual is still amazing.

8. Phil Simms dances while holding an '80s-style boombox to his ear: CBS held an event this week to promote its new cast for the NFL Today and Simms felt the need boogie.

7. Antonio Brown​ chauffered to practice in Rolls Royce: Sure, you can't be surprised than an NFL player would have a ridiculously outlandish car, but this scene at Steelers camp was still over the top.

6. Giants coach Ben McAdoo opens training camp with a story about a sex-crazed lion: McAdoo said he told the story of Frasier the Lion as a way to motivate his older players.

5. Julio Jones​ loses $100,000 earing while jet skiing: The Falcons wide receiver actually had to hire divers to try to find the piece of jewelry in the lake.

4. David Irving​ suffers nipple injury after his nipple ring gets ripped out during practice: The Cowboys defensive end will always remember from now on to take his nipple ring out BEFORE practice.

3. Adrian Beltre​ moves the on-deck circle, gets ejected: The Rangers third baseman was not happy when the homeplate umpire asked him to move into the on-deck circle, so Beltre took it upon himself to physically move the on-deck circle to a place of his liking.

2. Cowboys cut Lucky Whitehead​ after he was falsley accused of shoplifting: Dallas released the return man on Monday after news broke that he was arrested last month of shoplifting. On Tuesday, Whitehead was cleared of all charges. On Wednesday, he sadly had to sign with the Jets.

1. James Harden​ gets his jersey retired IN A STRIP CLUB: The Rockets forward supposedly has his jersey hanging in a popular Houston gentlemen's establishment because he's such a good customer. Just how much does one have to make it rain to get bestowed with such an honor?