Phil Simms Jumps Into Breakdance Battle While Holding Boombox

Phil Simms and The NFL Today crew crash breakdance battle in Times Square.
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CBS Sports NFL analyst Phil Simms is known for many things (being annoying, talking too much, confusing viewers), but one of them certainly isn't being a breakdancing fan.

During filming of a promotion for the upcoming season of "The NFL Today," Simms and the rest of his colleagues showed up to Times Square in midtown Manhattan, where there happened to be a breakdancing battle.

Of course, Simms had to get involved, saying to breakdancers, “Let’s show you what I got!”

Then Simms, who was replaced by Tony Romo as the network's No. 1 analyst, and new analyst Nate Burleson decided to jump in the fray and then next thing you know, Simms is seen holding a boombox.

You can just about guess how well his "dance moves" went over.

Check out the video to see Simms embarrass himself once again without a care in the world.