Maybe it was a different Mike Williams?

By Dan Gartland
August 04, 2017

There are eight players in the history of the NFL with the name Mike Williams, but none of them were born on August 4. That’s bad for the Chargers. 

Former Clemson player Mike Williams—“Mike Williams (wide receiver, born 1994),” as Wikipedia helpfully specifies—is a rookie with the Chargers now. The team tweeted on Friday to wish him a happy birthday and replied to say “thanks, but...”

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There are over 24,000 people in the United States with the name Mike Williams. Assuming their birthdays are evenly distributed throughout the year, an average of 67 Mike Williamses celebrate their birthday each day. So happy birthday to Barack Obama, Roger Clemens, Jeff Gordon and all the guys named Mike Williams out there. And happy Friday to the Chargers’ social media team. Hopefully your weekend is free of mistakes. 

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