Watch: The Best Animal Interruptions in Sports

Animals interrupting sports games are nothing new. Here's a look at some of the best moments.
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Rally Cat became the latest animal obsession for sports fans Wednesday night, debuting in the Busch Stadium outfield and promptly going viral. Much to the delight of the home crowd, the vivacious feline inspired the Cardinals to claw back into the game and has subsequently gained a devoted fanbase of its own.

Here's a rundown of some of the best animal moments in sports.

Squirrels love Progressive Field

Pine marten wreaks havoc in Swiss League match

Dangerous pigeon in the Bronx

Husky on the loose at a college baseball game

Dog vs. Gloves


Dugout antics with a praying mantis

St. Louis Rally Squirrel

Any relation to Rally Cat is unclear at the moment.

NASCAR groundhog

Bees: A sports tradition like none other

If bees are your thing, there are more here. And here, and here and here. In cricket (the sport), too.

Alligators: A golf tradition like none other

Tiger Woods (feat. Sammy the Squirrel)

Soccer dog just wants some pals

Cespedes and his matching neon parakeet

The infamous black cat of 1969

A real birdie

The Red Wings and their octopus obsession

Fowl at Wimbledon

Attack of the bat

Give the birds an assist on this one

Kitten at the Kingdome

Polish cow just wants to play

A wandering baseball bear

Kangaroos at the Australian Open, of course...

...and on the racetrack

Don't worry, the wannabe racer emerged unscathed.